In life, we all need a teacher.

The day we were born, our parents were our first teachers. Growing up, we have our school teachers to guide us in our education. Then, we move up to our own fields of employment and businesses where we meet and are mentored by someone we look up to along the way.

This is the same way when we become Christians.  We need a mentor to lead us to maturity in Christ. This guidance that we need is what we call discipleship. Discipleship is the relationship between a teacher (a discipler following Jesus as an example) and student (a disciple following his teacher who is following Jesus as an example).

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1– “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ (NCV).”  Being a disciple of Jesus simply means that you are modeling your life—your thoughts, your words, your actions, your everything—after the example and teaching Jesus has given us. This kind of discipleship simply refers to the process through which Jesus turns us into people who trust and follow him.


Maybe, you have been around WWCF-Cebu for quite some time or you are just new in the church or you just simply stop by to view this website. And there is this nudging in your heart to dig deeper into what it means to know and follow Jesus. We believe that this is the reason why WWCF-Cebu exists for you. Just like the others who have found Jesus and are on their path to a meaningful relationship with Him, we are here to help you. Together, we will walk with you through your discipleship journey with Christ.   

Following Jesus and guiding others to follow God happen in an environment where an accountability group assists you in helping you grow in the knowledge and love of God. The relationships that are built in the life group meetings and other mentoring classes will increase your desire to pursue God. We encourage you to attend our WWCF-Cebu Sunday Service or life group meetings and find joy in this new life with us.


The CORES OF DISCIPLESHIP follow a four-part process:


CHURCH TO COMMUNITY. Because everyone matters to God, we believe that we grow best when we CONNECT through relationship with others.


SEEKER TO BELIEVER. Because finding a church you can call “home” may not be easy, we CONSOLIDATE and TEAM UP with you to grow in your discipleship journey with God.


BELIEVER TO DISCIPLE. Because we believe that when we make disciples, lives change which leads disciples to COMMIT to serve God and one another.


DISCIPLE TO LEADER. Because we recognize that as we become fully engaged in the church, we CHARGE people on to raise up leaders who will become leaders of leaders.



Discipleship Steps offer a series of stages for individuals yearning to develop their faith.

1. START UP! is a one-to-one or one-to-three people, personal soul-winning method of guiding, leading, and teaching a seeker to love God. A Start Up! Guide Book is provided to members of life groups for soul-winning.

2. STEP UP! SERIES includes six (6) lessons that will prepare people for the life-changing MEET UP! With GOD.

3. MEET UP with GOD! ENCOUNTER WEEKEND is a two-day retreat that unleashes the power of the Cross in a very real and personal way.

4. MOVE UP! SERIES provides ten (10) weeks of follow-up teaching and saturation to enhance and solidify the work done by the Holy Spirit on the Encounter Weekend.

5. LEVEL UP! SERIES is a discipleship class where true disciples are formed and passion is imparted to win souls and make disciples.

6. POWER UP! is a monthly mentoring class that trains and reinforces every member to be a leader and every leader, a leader of leaders.


This is Discipleship by ccodyguy