Do-It-Yourself, Learn-It-Yourself

I love doing DIY projects. It's, for me, meditative since it relaxes me and keeps my mind off negative things of this earth. My latest project is a Do-It-Yourself alcohol stove made out of empty soda cans. I was inspired by this idea to make my own camping stove since it is cheap and I can be proud of it since I brought life to "useless" trash. As I was about to finish my stove, I encountered a problem with the accessory for my stove. I was thinking of scrapping the accessory but soon I realized that since I made this stove I can also fix the problem. And after some minor adjustments, hey! It worked!
For some odd reason many of us, at times, when we encounter setbacks in our journey towards the dream that we want to achieve, we scrap the dream away and do not continue. But we fail to realize that we have the power in us to fix the setback and create those adjustments to keep pressing on. We only have to muster courage and faith, and we can have that great power to fix the problem and achieve our goals in life. Like they say "its not the load that breaks you, its the way you carry it".
Well getting back to my stove, I have already made perfectly cooked rice out of it. Perfection out of a small fix by a power started by courage that sprung from strong faith and belief. Keep believing.

John 14:16

16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— (NIV)

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